• Women's Haircut           $60 with cash or check, $65 with card


  • Single Process Color     $75+


  • Partial Highlight             $95+


  • Full Highlight                  $110+


  • Ombre                             $120+ for lightening, $150+ for lightening plus color


  • Extensions priced upon consultation


  • Hair Tapestry (see blog for example)   $30-$100


  • Color correction:  $70 plus an hour  ****please note, if your hair has previously been colored black or dark brown and you are wanting to achieve blonde or light brown, this can be a very lengthly process.  Oftentimes it takes more than one appointment.  You will be charged for each appointment. 





















*All prices are gender and age neutral, with the exception of small children.

You are beautiful!!!!!

**Please note:  If your hair is dark brown, brown, or has been chemically processed using a dark brown, black, or red color and you want to go a lighter shade please know that this can take approximately 4 or more hours or even more than one appointment. Please allot enough time in your schedule for this delicate process to be done correctly and with care.   Expect to pay approximately $85 per hour for this service.     

Cancellation Policy:  I understand that scheduling adjustments are sometimes necessary; however, I respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling requests. Any appointment cancelled or rescheduled without 24 hours notice will result in 100 percent payment before your next service or possibly not being able to schedule future appointments.  Please be respectful of my time. 




Single process color applied to new growth only


Single process color new growth to ends


Partial Highlight


Full Highlight




Deep Conditioning Treatment add on




Color correction

85 per hour

Hair extensions priced upon consultation

Vivid color priced upon consultation

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