Are you ready to have the thick, long, gorgeous locks you have always wanted? You can! You can transform your thin, lifeless, or damaged locks to thick and beautiful, all in one day!

I practice several methods of hair extensions. It all depends on what method looks best with the length of your hair, what will blend best, and many other factors. The main method I use is known as the seamless tape in method. But I also am proficient in micro links, and hand-tied weft application.

First you will book your consultation with me and I will assess your texture, color, and type of extension that will be best for you. An in-salon extension consultation is $35.00 and will be applied to your total if you book your extension appointment. 

Before ordering your hair I must receive at least half the cost of the extensions alone (not the installation fee.) Reason being is that once I order the hair, I do not receive a refund should you decide you no longer want extensions.The hair can run anywhere from $200-900 depending on the amount of hair and the length.The installation process will also run from $200-$900.

You can feel free to bring in your own hair for me to install but I cannot guarantee the quality. I use Babe Hair extensions because I feel they are of the highest quality on the market.           

**If you have booked an extension appointment with me, you must read all prep and maintenance instructions before your appointment**

  • You must prep your hair prior to the appointment.  Shampoo your hair twice with clarifying shampoo and DO NOT use conditioner or any type of oil. The hair must be very clean and free of debris in order for the extensions to adhere properly and last longer. The rougher, and dryer the cuticle the better the extensions will adhere. Extensions are generally applied from the occipital bone and above the ear areas so these are the areas you need to focus on, paying special attention to the root.   

  • Do not shampoo your hair for two days after application. This greatly increases the staying power of your extensions.

  • Do not use shampoo containing sulfates. Some over-the-counter shampoos can break down the bond of the extensions as well as the coating on each hair strand so it is best to stick with a salon quality brand. Do not scrub extensions at the root, simply lather your hands and apply the lather at the bond area to ensure the bonds are kept clean.

  • Use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles before shampooing. 

  • Do not use conditioner or oil directly on the bond. This will cause the extensions to slip.

  • Damage occurs from poor maintenance, styling tools, and matting. To prevent matting you must be diligent in "seperating" your extensions daily with your fingers or very lightly and patiently with a loop brush. Loop brushes can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply or online. 

  • You can style your hair with a round brush, but through my own personal experience this can cause them to slip more than usual. It is best to dry the hair as best as you can with a towel but not in a scrubbing motion, just simply patting the moisture dry then very gently blow drying at the bonds with low heat, then using a wide tooth comb and loop brush to finish the blow drying. Then you can style them with a curling iron or flat iron.

  • I recommend sleeping in a soft ponytail (scrunchie) or braided pig-tails to prevent tangling while sleeping. 

  • Keep in mind that you lose 50-150 strands per day without extensions. This hair will fall out naturally and if it was in the bond, naturally you will see hair trapped there. It is not due to the extension itself. Of course, if you are rough with the hair and are not gentle when combing and styling it will tend to pull the hair.

  • Extension hair is not attached to your head so therefore is in need of extra conditioning. Your own hair receives natural oil from within and from your scalp so extension hair needs extra TLC. Always condition your extensions in the shower, as well as using a leave in conditioner and oils. Always use a heat protectant. At the same time, it is very important to keep oils and conditioners away from the bonds as this will cause them to "slip".   

ENJOY YOUR EXTENSIONS!!!  Many clients speak of how they have completely changed their life! I can attest to that as I have worn extensions off and on since 1998.    

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