Food and other factors in maintaining healthy hair

September 19, 2014

I am taking my 4 hour continuing education course and thought this was worth sharing.  While there is no one regimen a person can follow to ensure healthy hair, these are things that can be considered in order to develop and maintain healthy hair.



"Foods that promote hair growth are foods that are high in protein. 

  • protein:  fish, eggs, cheese

  • Iron:  whole grain, dark leafy vegetables

  • B Vitamins:  eggs, meat

  • Essential Fatty Acids:  Walnut, soy

  • Vitamin E:  nuts, seeds

  • Sulfur:  meats, legumes, vegatables


Stunting Hair Growth:

  • caffeine

  • sugar

  • fat

  • carbonated drinks



Exercise stimulates the blood to flow.  This nutrient-rich blood nourishes each hair follicle, promoting healthy hair growth.  Lack of this sufficient blood flow would yield the result of duller, more brittle hair.  Apart from supplying the nutrient-rich blood, exercise also helps to alleviate stress, which is known to cause hair loss."


source:  BLUEnet professional online training.  Chapter 2, page 8 for operator 4 hour renewal 

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