Hair Extension Quality

December 2, 2014

The first time I ever got hair extensions was in 1998, before I was a hairdresser.  I paid close to $1,000.00.  I loved finally having long hair!  But after 2 weeks, the hair became extremely matted and tangled.  I had to use tons of conditioner and oil and even carry around a wide tooth comb to detangle it every couple of hours.  I just thought this is what you have to put up with when wearing hair extensions. 


Fast foward a couple of years later when I became a hairdresser and worked with an amazing stylist who was a master at hair extensions.  I learned how to do them from her and decided to add some into my hair and was amazed by how nice and silky they remained with minimal tangling.  Trust me, this is a HUGE deal to not have to contend with a tangled, narly mess every day. 


Quality of hair extensions are very important and I am learning every day. 


I'm constantly studying different brands and types of hair. 


I came across this website and am definately going to try these extensions out on my own hair so that I will know they mean what they say.  But if you read what they have to say it will make some sense as far as hair extension quality.




"When hair is sold as 100% Human Hair, be very cautious as this could mean a number of things. It is usually Asian/Indian hair, which is naturally black/very dark brown in color. When this hair is coloured it takes on the consistency of straw. And as for blonde? Forget it! Never expect to get much time from this quality hair.
Also, caution should be applied when using so-called "EUROPEAN HAIR", "EURO HAIR",  "EUROPEAN QUALITY" or "100% EUROPEAN REMY HAIR". Silicone Oil treatment makes this type of hair to look "silky" at first, but invariably, this is NOT "European Hair"; it is hair that has been Acid Processed to be "Tangle Free" and to look like "European Hair". It is usually Asian/Indian hair and as stated before, will not last very long. To begin with the hair looks nice; but it has been coated with silicone oil to add shine and body to the hair. However, after a few washes the silicone layer starts to wash out. 
Then quickly the hair becomes duller and loses its sheen. It becomes brittle and dry. It starts to break down. Partially removed by acid reversed cuticle, originally covered by the silicone will become exposed which causes tangling and matting with your own hair . Every wash will worsen this condition. What you are then left with is acid treated Asian/Indian hair. Sellers of that type of hair will tell you all sorts of bad stories about real Slavic Russian Hair, including the one that it doesn't exist anymore."

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